Cultural and educational programmes

Cultural and educational programmes

In order to carry out the provisions stated in the Ministry Order no. 2438 from 17.06.2014, concerning the approval of tariffs for the services provided by the „Dimitrie Gusti” National Village Museum of Bucharest, the following prices are being charged:  

  • Creative craft shops for schools and kindergardens*: 5 to 50 RON/ person/ 1.5 hours 

*depending on the type of craft shops

  • „Vara pe uliță” creative camp: 150 RON/ child/ module/ week

                Free admittance – with a limit of 1\3 of available openings for the following categories – children from disadvantaged social backgrounds, NGOs, placement centers.



  • Popular craft masters: 30 to 50 RON/ person/ event
  • Companies: 150 to 300 RON/ event (depending of the length of the event)

                Free admittance for:

  • First time popular craft masters
  • Popular craft masters with no pensions or income